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For Students

Lacuna Stories is a browser based tool that lets you read socially and collaboratively with your professor and peers. You can annotate your course materials the same way you do on your iPad or Kindle. Lacuna Stories creates new and  exciting opportunities to engage with various texts and media in ways that reflect the networked state of knowledge today.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students at Stanford, Lacuna Stories is specifically designed for humanities courses, or courses that want to encourage skills like close reading, active engagement with materials, or to improve seminar-style discussions.
You can share annotations and writing with your peers, in order to extend classroom discussions into digital space. The team developing Lacuna Stories is building a digital platform with the tools and materials necessary to integrate the technology into your learning. Lacuna Stories’ “sewing kit” allows users to stitch together and weave connections across entire texts and media, or to link together individual passages or annotations to read, research, write, and think better.

Lacuna Stories opens up new opportunities in collaborative reading and writing. We aim to make learning more efficient, interactive, and exploratory using research-informed practices and the best digital tools available.