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How to Use Lacuna

Reading on Lacuna

The Page Turner

Lacuna is designed so that reading on your screen doesn’t have to be too different from opening a book. By default, each document is displayed one “page” at a time. Note that these page distinctions are made automatically and do not correspond to print editions of the texts, unless your instructor has explicitly matched the digital pagination to that of the print edition. A darker line appears at pages where a new chapter or new section begins.

You can “flip” through pages on your desktop/laptop computer by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard or by clicking on the arrow buttons that appear at the top of the document. On your tablet, you need to tap the arrow buttons. Swiping (on a touchscreen or with the mouse) does not work to turn pages, as this motion is already used by the browser to go back one page on the website.


If you want to view more than one page of the document at once, you can use the scrubber (the selection box on the Page Turner) to select a larger area of text. Simply grab the edge of the scrubber with your mouse and drag it to expand over the desired percentage of the document.