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Curating Annotation Discussions Assignment

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Assignment Objective

This assignment helps lower the time commitment for instructors to do all of the “curation” work of reading and grouping annotations to prepare for a richer class discussion. Moreover, the assignment has a number of learning goals for students, namely:

  1. To develop students’ abilities to discover trends, patterns, and organizing themes in their reading.
  2. To encourage awareness of the metacognitive processes that take place during reading by drawing students’ attention to their peers’ learning process
  3. To develop written and oral communication
  4. To familiarize students with the Sewing Kit and Response functions, foregrounding tools which they can use in the development of independent research projects
  5. To foster social learning and encourage audience awareness during annotation, for students who are creating annotations

Assignment Overview

It can be a challenge to glean meaningful patterns from the large number of annotations that students create each week, particularly if instructors want to draw on these for class discussion. This assignment adapts the traditional model of an introductory presentation used in advanced/grad seminars, allowing students to frame in-class discussion by curating and organizing annotations on a reading. Students take turns being responsible for curating and presenting the online discussion of class readings.

Please make sure to convey both curators’ and annotators’ responsibilities when explaining the assignment, as the success of a curation depends on the students’ collaboration and contributions.


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