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Finding Fair Use and Creative Commons Materials

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Below we have curated some useful online sources for finding fair use and creative commons materials, which are generally free to use without restriction, especially for education. These are also great resources for students looking to find images and media to embed in their Responses.


Project Gutenberg offers over 50,000 free, high quality ebooks that can be easily copied and pasted to Lacuna (making sure you designate the source and copyright information). They digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers. Their ebooks may be freely used in the United States because most are not protected by U.S. copyright law, usually because their copyrights have expired. They may not be free of copyright in other countries. Readers outside of the United States must check the copyright laws of their countries before downloading or redistributing our ebooks. 

Creative Commons allows you to search images, videos, texts, music, and other media that have creative commons licenses and should generally be fair to use for educational purposes.

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