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Installing Lacuna

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Lacuna is a free, open-source tool that can be downloaded (via Github) and hosted on a website or your school’s or institution’s server. Lacuna is not a service that we provide, but rather is a product that we have designed and want to make free and widely available. We will provide a guide for the installation and use of it, but do not offer significant technical support.

Installing Lacuna

  1. Before installing, institutions and licensees need to digitally agree to an “Institutional Agreement.”
  2. Upon installation, all users will check a box agreeing to the Terms of Use.
  3. Go to our Github page to download Lacuna and install to your server. The bottom of the page has detailed instructions and contact information if you need help. The instructions include:
    • What is Lacuna Stories?
    • Overview
    • Technical Details
    • Annotation in Drupal
    • Annotator.js Plugins
    • How to Use Lacuna Stories
    • Installation Instructions
    • Post-Installation Tasks
    • Adding Courses and Documents
    • Setting up a Course
    • Adding Users
    • Site Administrator
    • Content Mananger
    • Instructor
    • Student
    • Add Students and Instructors to a Course
    • Reading, Annotating, and Writing
    • Staying Up to Date
    • Drupal core and contributed modules
    • Lacuna Stories updates
    • How to Contribute
    • Use Lacuna Stories and Provide Feedback
    • Submit a Bug Report
    • Suggest New Features
    • Submit a Pull Request
    • Credits
    • Supporters

Installation Help

Our Github page has an issues forum where you can post questions or any difficulties you may have with installation. Issues are moderated by our incredible technology director, Mike Widner.


If you cannot solve your issue via our GitHub instructions and the issues forum, you can use our contact form and we will forward your query to our technology director.

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